A New Story for Humanity

The New Story
1st Annual Report

The Global Beehive

Based on the work by Bernd Hamm about the Global Ruling Class (GRC), the world looks like a global beehive with the GRC in the center. At the center of this beehive, a few very rich familes constitute the GRC of oligarchs. The CEOs of a few major companies have the purpose to ensure that more wealth flows into the center and increases the power of the oligarchs in the GRC. Governments ensure that the CEOs have the rules and laws that allow them to do what they are doing: feeding wealth to the GRC. The mainstream media, celebrities in society, art and science justify the inner layers to all those in the outermost layer: the one with the billions of work bees. They also communicate and sell the dominant ideas of our time and create dreams for the work bees of moving across layer boundaries, or at least up within the outer layer that has a structure based on inequality.

The enormous number of work bees maintain this system: they do not fully see the extreme level of exploitation, the systemic injustice, and the inequality within their layer. They seldom resist and revolt against the exploitation, because they live for the dream of moving up and further inside of the beehive.