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Hans-Peter Plag: Safeguarding the Planetary Life-Support Systems Implies Requires Maintaining the Purpose of These Systems

The purpose of a system is what it does (POSIWID). Since Stafford Beer formulated this foundational statement, a lot of effort has been on designing societal systems that do what their intended purpose is. To a far lesser extent, the statement has been used to determine the purpose of systems in ...

Hans-Peter Plag: A Global Dialog of the Young for a Peaceful Future

Our global interconnected society is increasingly challenged with global threats that could result in major down-turns of our civilization. The governance bodies again and again demonstrate that they do not fully realize the threats and are not prepared to tackle the challenges we face. Despite bein ...

Barry Clemson: New Social Media Platforms

How Do We Get There?
Earth Viability Center’s Citizen Platform
Barry Clemson, Draft Dec 11, 2021

Planet Earth has become one interconnected system, a system in which each part impacts many other parts and in turn, is dependent upon a multitude of other parts. Further, the collective impact o ...

Barry Clemson: What do we mean by an ecology of stories

An Ecology of Stories
Barry Clemson July 2021


It is a useful metaphor to say that our stories are an ecology, that the multiple stories in our heads are inter-related and evolving in much the way that plant and animal species form a biological ecology. In our discussion yesterday ...

Barry Clemson: What Have I Learned #3

I touch on the following:

• Systems Flows
• Consciousness
• Connectedness
• Love

Systems Flows

We all know that complex systems consist of parts in interaction. These interactions. include flows of physical “stuff” and energy. For example, animals take in flows of food and ox ...

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