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Hans-Peter Plag: Anthropocentric versus non-anthropocentric view on Earth

A few years ago, I started to seriously look at Earth through the eyes of an alien ecologists traveling through space to find planets that are suffering, diagnose the cause or planetary sickness, and designing therapies to restore the planetary health. Coming to Earth, I came up with the picture of ...

Hans-Peter Plag: Protecting Our Way of Life or Protecting the Earth's Life-Support System?

On Dec 6, 2021, the Guardian published a letter signed by Profs Gesa Weyhenmeyer and Will Steffen (both well established as climate scientists) and more than 250 oth ...

Ernie Lowe: Human Quandry

We humans evolved as a magnificent experiment in the Earth's process.
With our complex brains, varied forms of intelligence, upright stature, and opposable thumbs
we created great beauty from cave art to Bach's Passions, to Wender's films with watchful angels who dare to try out being human
We creat ...

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