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Barry Clemson: What do we mean by an ecology of stories

An Ecology of Stories
Barry Clemson July 2021


It is a useful metaphor to say that our stories are an ecology, that the multiple stories in our heads are inter-related and evolving in much the way that plant and animal species form a biological ecology. In our discussion yesterday ...

Barry Clemson: What Have I Learned #3

I touch on the following:

• Systems Flows
• Consciousness
• Connectedness
• Love

Systems Flows

We all know that complex systems consist of parts in interaction. These interactions. include flows of physical “stuff” and energy. For example, animals take in flows of food and ox ...

Barry Clemson: What Have I Learned #2

Our discussions of stories and myths that we live out of have been serious learning experiences for me. I discuss this learning under these headings:

• Reality: Personal and “out there”
• Belief systems
• Ecology of myths/stories
• Keystone myths

Reality: Personal and “Out T ...

Barry Clemson: What I Have Learned #1

This is the first of several planned essays on what I have learned from the discussions, readings, etc. of the Earth Viability core group. This is definitely not a polished work but I wanted to get it in front of all of you in hopes that it would move our conversation along

About ten years ago a ...

Barry Clemson: How Do Good People Produce Evil Outcomes

You and I want to think well of ourselves. We need to feel “I am a good person. I am a success”. How is it, then, that there is so much evil in the world? How can most of us strive to be good and yet, somehow, have a world full of violence, injustice, inequality, and crime?

Three Ethical Fram ...

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