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The Virtual Community Center is a pilot project that explores new ways for the public to improve literacy and to learn about activities of governmental and non-governmental organizations and to interact with these organizations. Here you can:

  • Exhibition: Take a walk through the exhibition with information on the participating organizations and their activities. You may also take virtual tours organized by them.
  • Class Room: participate in courses that give you detailed knowledge and skills related to the activities of the participating organizations or your community.
  • Meet Experts: participate in scheduled virtual meetings with experts in different topics and get to communicate with these experts.
  • EnviGym: exercise your knowlegde about your environment and the environmental science background and acquire new knowledge and skill in individual exercises.
  • Citizen Science: become a citizen sceintists and participate in citizen science projects.
  • Chat Rooms: join chat rooms to talk about local issues.
  • News Room: get local news and post news.
  • Events: hear about local events and annouce such events.