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Daily Information

  • Daily Temperature: The tool gives access to near-realtime daily air and sea surface temperature as global maps and as global averages. To see flat maps of the air and sea surface temperature click on the camera symbol.

  • Current and Forecast Weather Variables: This versatile tool provides high-resolution global maps of past and forecast data on actual and felt temperture, humidity, wind speed and direction with 15 minutes temporal resolution. It also provides near-real-time satellite images.

Climate Variables

  • Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide:
  • Global Mean Temperature:
    • The NASA earth observatory gives an authoritative overview of global surfaces temperatures and the modern changes.

    • Global monthly temperature between 1851 and 2020 compared to average for 1850-1900. This uses the latest version of HadCRUT5 showing many recent months more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial values. Created by Neil Kaye.
  • Atmospheric Methan:
    See Global CH4 Monthly Means provided by NOAA.